Newtown CT


What if


Silence and Solitude

Suffering Cycle


Sunshine (Radio Edit)

Two days after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown CT. Paul Stanley walked into the living room of his sisters house to find her sitting on her sofa with her daughter wrapped around her watching the evening news. Instantly he saw that she was so grief laden that she could be on the verge of being ill. " Why are you making you self sick." He asked her. Looking at him as if he was a far way off she replied. "Because it could happen anywhere, it could happen to anyone, what if it happened at Kali's school"
What if indeed? In a split second it all ran through the his mind. He saw himself outside his little niece's school trying in to comfort his distraught sister. He saw the guilt inside himself for not being there to protect his niece. He imagined then what the families must be going through.
Over the next two days his sister got so sick she could not go to work. And as he was trying to comfort his sister, he wished also that there was something he could do to comfort the families of that tragic event. "How I wish." He thought. And from there he would spill his emotions out in the song "WISH". What followed was four supporting tracks that makes up the "NEWTOWN" ep.
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