Can you suspend ignorance?

It's the same cycle. Over and over. But why have they suspended these kids. Do you think by doing so you can change thoughts. Minds will evolve. Hearts will will soften into care. Showing these kids the truth about about what they are championing and forcing them to face the evil of what the confederate flag represents, then forcing them to choose within them selves right and wrong. That would have been the best outcome. But here we are talking about heritage and what which flag means.
Why are people debating what kind of flag it was. The south fought a civil war where over 600000 Americans died. To defend the institution of slavery. Slave camps that in some cases where so bad as to make the nazi shutter at their cruelty. This was the primary reason why a political solution was not attainable. Because an injustice was so outrageous on the consciousness, no peaceful resolution could have be attained. Who cares what flag it is? The heritage of the south that people keep talking about, was defending was slavery. That's the heritage the flag represents. The gentile southerner that people fantasize about, in some cases treated their slaves worst than they treated farm animals. Far worse. That's why the flag was created. As a symbol of the south's defiance. A defiance so strong it split the union. To maintain this evil tradition of chattel slavery. The flag came into existence as a symbol of evil. Because no would wage that costly war over how the southerners treated fellow Americans of European descent. But how they treated Americans of African decent.

That said. I still think these kids have a right to wear what they please as long as they keep those kinds of thoughts to them self. Because I believe it's better to know people's stand. Out in the open. Not masked behind smiles. Let people be them selves openly. Although I think that because this type of mentality is damaging to the UNION, then this should be marginalized and not become the mainstream. I think instead of suspending the kids from school, the better option would be to arrange it so that the school would teach true American history. Not the fairytale. Done in a way where they(the kids) are not even aware that those classes are for them. In the most natural environment for them to learn this. Let's see now? Ohh! I got it. A school! But that's a dumb idea. Who teach lessons in a school?
What if kids learn the truth? Not some heavily edited, sugar coated propaganda driven version of the truth. What if they knew how from birth to death cruelty was the companion of the average slaves life. Worked like beast burdens feed scrapes. Whipped, tortured humiliated, Women rape. Children sold like how you sell an iPhone. People breed like animals. Value only for labor. Instead of suspending them. Making them heroes. Amplifying their voices. Hardening their position. Turning them into influencers. Giving them just what they wanted. A platform in the spotlight. Making them in affect, mainstream. Just to take away their constitutional rights. Deny them of who they are at the moment. Because you don't agree with who they are at the moment. If you where trying to avoid conflict, it sure looked like you were courting it now. Now how about that? But I don't know, this is just what I think.

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