Defeated America.

Divided we stand. Decided we fall. Ancient words. Modern reality.

Divided we stand. Divided we fall. Ancient words. Modern reality.

Ultimately. Government is going to have to come down to the people. For the country to survive people are going to have to get past this base behavior I see exhibiting in politics. What do I see here on the comment streams on social media. People who see the splinter of the Republican Party as some sort of victory for themselves. Some great reckoning. Which is far from the truth.
I may mean lean democratic. But am neither democrat or republican. Because I don't think parties can sum up the spectrum being that any human is sure to be. We all have different values that we rate foremost in our minds. So I can't see why support parties which at the most have 3-4 core values and use that to mislead people, and worst. People subscribe to it. To me, it's the ideas to me that counts. The whole spectrum of them. Because if we have give and take as individuals, we will come to a better place. Public debate were people are educated about issues, not lied to. But true debate. So I can see some republican ideas that makes sense. Less and less these days but still. What it comes down to is, we need to take the country from special interest. From big money and the banksters. When we are such devided fighting over base ideas we lose as a whole. What is happening is a victory for one side of special interest. This has nothing to do with the people. One group of special interest is about to take the drivers seat. For a while anyway. The American people still are not going to gain. For its going to take the concentrated efforts of up to 3/4 of the voting public to put a stop to the theft of democracy. So I don't see the fractioning of the Republican Party as time for gloating. I see it is as a time for reaching out and trying to strengthen our innate ties. FOR WE ARE HUMANS. And I know some people won't believe this, but ultimately we are on the same team.
But all I see is people behaving like they are rooting for their favorite sports team. Life and sports two different things people. This country is being milked for everything special interest can get while we are bickering like children in the sandbox. We are being conquered while you blissfully believe you are winning.
Maybe it's time to bypass the politicians. And begin to heal the country ourselves. Because politicians, especially those who have no real merit or ideas on which to stand are going to use what divide's us as their platform.

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