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Self love or value must be expressed at the time when emotions run lowest. Sometimes…. The road gets hard. Strife with setbacks. And this is when I suffer alone. This is when it feels hopeless. Wondering if am my worse enemy? Wondering if I will ever succeed? But I believe. I am. DO YOU BELIEVE… Read more »

The world is changing

I see a future where machine cities are cover the landscape. Humans are treat like discarded slaves.

Stone Decision drives me. Will it make sense to build this project? The future? What will it look like? I ask my self, this pursuit of so called artificial intelligence. What is it? How can intelligence be artificial at all? It either is or is not not. Humans would believe that if it is not… Read more »

Like Magic.

Two block parties

I hastened to get to the outskirts of Washington DC. Impatient with slow cars clogging the left lanes of the highway and slowing me down. And even though traffic was reasonable lite for this area, it sometimes got slow when considering how lite traffic was. But like the professional I was and the skill of… Read more »