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Self love or value must be expressed at the time when emotions run lowest. Sometimes…. The road gets hard. Strife with setbacks. And this is when I suffer alone. This is when it feels hopeless. Wondering if am my worse enemy? Wondering if I will ever succeed? But I believe. I am. DO YOU BELIEVE… Read more »

The Flower’s Death

Broken hearts
Shot to the core
Bleeds tears 
Little years
Grows sadden
The flower's death.

As I gazed upon this image, I am reminded what a wretched world we live in. I was in a pizza restaurant some years back having lunch and a conversation between me and the man sitting next to me got around to him asking. “Then why do we have so much wars in the world?”… Read more »

What’s a woman anyway?


What can I say about Bruce Caitlyn Jenner? Truly it’s none of my business how the guy wants to live his life. But the idea of him being considered a woman simply because he has gone through the process of making his body more woman like, does that really make him a woman? If the… Read more »