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Can you suspend ignorance?


It’s the same cycle. Over and over. But why have they suspended these kids. Do you think by doing so you can change thoughts. Minds will evolve. Hearts will will soften into care. Showing these kids the truth about about what they are championing and forcing them to face the evil of what the confederate… Read more »

Divide and Conquer


I really think people at different ends of the political spectrum should visit each other’s pages. Just go there and watch. See how they deal with people who don’t agree them. Stop looking at the arguments they are making and watch their behaviors. They are like a mirror of you. The right to your left… Read more »



Everyone is bearing witness to the shooting in Charleston South Carolina. Where this man entered a church and killed nine people. Ask him to make sense of his act and he would rattle of words that has no foundation in reality. A weak mind. A weak spirit. His lack of self worth left him eager… Read more »