The Flower’s Death

Broken hearts Shot to the core Bleeds tears  Little years Grows sadden The flower's death.

Broken hearts
Shot to the core
Bleeds tears
Little years
Grows sadden
The flower's death.

As I gazed upon this image, I am reminded what a wretched world we live in. I was in a pizza restaurant some years back having lunch and a conversation between me and the man sitting next to me got around to him asking. "Then why do we have so much wars in the world?"
So I replied simply. "It is human nature. It is what people want." I remember how he looked at me when I answered. Like I was something unhuman. He said no more to me. He finished and nod to me as he left, but spoke to me no more.
I never have questioned that statement I made. For if slaughtering each other was not a part of our biology then why would we do it. Form before we had this developed frontal cortex this has been our behavior toward each other. Next to food and sex this has been among our dominant traits.
I know there are people who will promptly tell that this is not a part of who they are. I am not going to argue the point. America was born thru war. And has been at war in some form ever since. And more than any other country on the planet it is the will of the people that allows this. For our democratic process is what strengthen the will of our government. And at any moment the people can rise and say not in our name. We give a tacit approval simply by allowing our blood and treasure to consistently to be wasted on reasons that primarily comes down to hatred, selfishness and greed.
You too may think my thoughts unhuman. But I think this little girls life has as much value as my own. So this breaks my heart to see this picture. This makes me think if we used our might to defend right, just maybe this little girl will not have to grow up so terribly scared. Instead we consume the bulshit stories our governments tell us in order to use our might to make wrongs right. There is still no clear reason why we invaded Iraq. But we were waging war with Iraq long before any troops set foot in Iraq. In the late nineties the inhuman sanctions that was leveled against Iraq was responsible for the deaths of a half a million children. Imagine the suffering all the people of that country faced. Yet when our government tell us Iraqis would happily welcome us as liberators and we believed.
You are witnessing the death of a flower in this picture. She will never be the same. She will grow up with demons she will have to face. In Yemen the whole country is on the brink of starvation due to the blocade the Saudi government has in place. Because the people of Yamen rose up and decide to throw off their oppressive government. A blockade supported by the United States government. In a sense a whole garden filled with flowers like the one picture above. Flowers that will die and turn into weeds. Which we will one turn into demons protracting this war on terror. A never ending cycle of, you guessed it war. All because we close our eyes and pretend we can see the death of this little flower.

What do you think? How far off the mark? These are only my thoughts. Maybe you can help me see clearer. Let me know.

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