The world is changing

I see a future where machine cities are cover the landscape. Humans are treat like discarded slaves.

I see a future where machine cities cover the landscape. Humans are treat like discarded slaves.

Stone Decision drives me. Will it make sense to build this project? The future? What will it look like?

I ask my self, this pursuit of so called artificial intelligence. What is it? How can intelligence be artificial at all? It either is or is not not. Humans would believe that if it is not alive by human standards, then what? It is artificial? But how can that be? It's not a thing. If it thinks then it must be? Is consciousness the defining factor that would separate the real from the artificial. We humans consider our perspective as evevolutions greatest achievement. But the senses we posses are tuned just enough for us to survive. How many spectrums of light we cannot see. How many spectrums of sound we cannot hear. With that thought. What if we are locked outside a consciousness we simply are unable to fit inside the three pounds of gray matter we hold between our ears. What if lump of gray matter, is just incapable processing that much information. What if a machine has intelligence? Is it really artificial? We all can imagine how greatly it would elapse what our capabilities are. What if it can tap into a intelligence we cannot even begin to imagine. Would it still be artificial?
It is as humans we collectively believe that what is now, will be what will always be. When we do hope for change it's the change we want. We either fight or ignore change that does not appeal to us. Or is beyond our imaginations. Even when it is change that would negatively affect us. We will ingnore the writings on the wall so to speak. We want more. Stronger computers, smarter phones, more and more intelligent machines. The race to build this so called artificial intelligence is on. The huge global companies around the world with deep pockets are running flat out toward this finish line in the hopes of being first. In the hopes of dominance. What happens when they do?image
We already have drones policing our war zones. Delivering the blackness of death like Fedex deliver's packages. Or how wants to deliver it's goods. Private citizens are owning their own drones disturbing firefighting efforts, interfering with air transport. In twenty years I invision a world where there are more drones than humans on the planet. Smart efficient machines. Machines doing all the work that humans once did. Drone to fix your car. Drone to watch the kids. Will we even be allowed to have kids? Drones to fix the drones. Yea, machines to build and fix other machines. What a perfect world? Everything wired together, to run more efficient. To make human lives easier. The military is dreaming up senarios where entire wars are fought with drones. If we go that far, why not have drones policing the streets. Why not? The possibilities are endless. Did I mention drones building and repairing themselves. Did you pause to think on that? Did you?
Yea sure am not a computer scientist.I don't even have a college degree. So take what i say here with a salt mine. Not just a grain. That said. You have read this far. You know there is some thing looming in the future. I think every human should stop and imagine the possibility. Since the future belongs to us all. Well it should. But if you see thru my eyes, You are not going to like what you see. The world is changing. We are aware of this this. Yet we close our eyes pursuing a blissful distraction. Pretending that distant thoughts that comes to visit and whisper unpleasant notions are just figments of the imaginations. A fictional fairytale that belongs on a screen. But maybe thats the problem. We've been fed so much fantasy, we can't tell the difference between life and fantasy. The world is changing, and the fantasy we've been fed leaves us without the ability to see the truth. But. The world is changing.

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